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Working Together

Joining this sisterhood is a partnership.
DG will be there for you — and each member supports the organization as a whole. After joining, members will have access to leadership opportunities, philanthropy work, career networking and academic resources.

Financial Info

Each Delta Gamma chapter has the ability to set their own member dues depending on the needs determined by their chapter budget.

These dues cover the expenses to run the local collegiate chapter, including programming, social events, housing (if applicable), and chapter operations.

While the budget is determined by the chapter officers, the entire chapter votes to approve its operating budget each year.  Budgets, and therefore chapter dues and fees vary across campuses based on chapter size, housing status, and activities.

Each new member within Delta Gamma pays standard fees to Executive Offices. These fees are outlined below, and are included in the dues you would pay to your collegiate chapter but are not the total amount of your chapter dues.

Dues and Fees
  • New Member Fee: $45.00 (one-time fee paid as a new member) 
  • Initiation Fee: $135.00 (one-time fee paid as a new member)  
  • Per Capita Dues: $90.00 (paid annually as a new member/member)  
  • Technology Fee: $22.00 (paid annually as a new member/member)  
  • House Corporation Fee: range varies based upon the property status (one-time fee paid as a new member) 
  • Chapter Obligation: range varies based on chapter’s property status and the cost to maintain (paid annually)
  • Member Dues & Social Fees: range varies based on chapter’s operational and social budget, determined by the members of each individual chapter (paid annually) 
How To Pay

​​​​​Dues and fees can be paid via check, e-check or credit card using an online platform called greekbill.  In greekbill, you are able to:

  • View invoices, sign contracts and make payments through the online member portal
  • Choose an installment plan (semesterly/quarterly or monthly) to pay yearly chapter dues and fees
  • Set up auto-payment to automatically withdraw payments per the installment schedule

While this information provides some general insight into chapter dues for Delta Gamma new members, it is essential that you review the information shared by the local Delta Gamma chapters for more specifics. Oftentimes, your campus Panhellenic may share this information for all collegiate chapters on the campus, as well.

Helping members make ends meet.

Even though it can’t be used to offset the cost of membership dues, financial aid can alleviate the financial burden on our members when it comes to the cost of tuition, and in some cases, living expenses. Initiated members can apply for these scholarships, fellowships and grants through the Delta Gamma Foundation:

Scholarships, Fellows and Grants
  • Sisters Helping Sisters: Need-Based Scholarships
  • Merit-based undergraduate scholarships
  • Graduate fellowships
  • Crisis Grants for Delta Gamma sisters in financial crisis
During the 2020-2021 school year, the Delta Gamma Foundation awarded our collegiate members:
  • A total of 502 merit- and need-based scholarships, fellowships, and grants equaling $913,986 in support of our sisters’ educational interests.
Important causes Delta Gamma has donated to recently:
  • For almost 100 years, all of our Service for Sight work, including the DG schools and grants, are helping people who are blind or visually impaired by providing access and advocacy for them in their communities. In the 2019-2020 year, the Delta Gamma Foundation gave over $652,000 to national and local sight-related groups.
  • In 2020, as part of the H.K. Stuart Spirit of Service award, this year’s winning chapter, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State, requested that the Delta Gamma Foundation designate the $2,500 award grant to the Black Lives Matter Global Network through ActBlue charities.
  • Crisis Grants are routinely routed to victims of natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Delta Gamma Foundation was able to grant Crisis Grants as a response to members’ financial emergencies. During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, 13 Crisis Grants were granted resulting in $36,210 in support of our members in need.
  • In June of 2020, Delta Gamma Fraternity made a donation to Color of Change Education Fund, Inc. and Loveland Foundation, Inc.

This fellowship is special to me because it gives me the opportunity to study what I love without worrying about student loans. It allows me to work two jobs that I love without having to pick up extra shifts to pay rent.

Gianna, Graduate Fellowship Recipient