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The Delta Gamma sisterhood is a network of support that enables each woman to pursue her dreams and goals, while allowing her to give back.

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Networking and Academic Support

With opportunities to network with women from more than 200 alumnae groups, a sister can easily mentor or be mentored. There are also many opportunities that continue throughout the alumnae life. The Delta Gamma experience does not end after college. Instead, our sisterhood broadens to give each Delta Gamma the chance to continue her involvement in her own unique way.

Delta Gamma’s own mentoring platform,Anchored Connections, is designed for members to connect with, seek mentorship from and build up other members of our Fraternity and receive support in all their personal and professional endeavors.   

In August 2021, Delta Gamma launched an all-new mentoring platform available to members. Anchored Connections is designed for members to connect with, seek mentorship from and build up other members of our Fraternity and receive support in all their personal and professional endeavors. Anchored Connections takes the best parts of Facebook and LinkedIn for a platform just for Delta Gammas!

Delta Gamma is a lifetime commitment with a lifetime of benefits. Anchored Connections is the newest and most creative benefit where sisters make connections, learn from and alongside one another, share resources, find mentors/mentees and launch or advance their careers.

Melissa Thompson, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State

When Nowhere Else Feels Like Home, Delta Gamma Does.

Having a space to call our own helps Delta Gammas find belonging and form lasting bonds. On some campuses, this home is a chapter house, wing of a residence hall, or reserved meeting space. Regardless of whether it is a house, suite or lodge, being together with sisters in a shared space provides the comfort of a campus family for each Delta Gamma.

Member Experience

Delta Gamma is committed to providing carefully crafted, high-quality experiences and opportunities for learning and involvement.

As a Delta Gamma, you will have diverse opportunities to learn valuable leadership skills, how to make safer and more compassionate choices, as well as chances for personal and professional growth.

Thank you to the Delta Gamma Foundation and donors for making these impactful programs a reality.

All collegiate members participate in a series of rotational program offerings:

  • Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)
  • You Can Help A Sister (Mental Health)
  • Redefine the Path (BEID)

These programs are conducted by trained facilitators and are funded by the Delta Gamma Foundation. All three programs will be received by members in a 4-year period.

Anchor Academy connects collegians with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, expand professional skills and explore personal development. Anchor Academy is designed to help collegians succeed in their leadership positions within their chapter and their campus communities, and to equip them to become successful in their futures.

Anchored Through Adversity is a new suite of mental health programs and services. Members will have access to a diverse and engaging manual of resources, educational programs and services to promote healthy habits and take care of their mental and emotional well-being.


Delta Gamma is committed to preparing collegiate chapter officers to have an impactful and fun experience while serving in their position. All chapter management team officers will participate in virtual training to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary for their position.

DG Dialogues are peer-facilitated, small and large group programs that tackle conversations in the areas of mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion, social justice and more. Each program is tied to Delta Gamma’s values:

  • Friendship
  • Educational and Cultural Interests
  • Social Responsibility
  • Character

Lewis Institute develops courageous leaders through the realization of their authentic selves, the knowledge of how to influence others and an understanding of how to facilitate change around Delta Gamma’s mutual purpose. This immersive 5-day leadership development experience hosts rising college Juniors from every collegiate chapter.

Hope Serving is a service-learning experience that offers collegiate and alumnae members the opportunity to participate in hands-on service related to our Service for Sight mission and develop as leaders on a local, regional and (inter)national level. The Hope Serving program encourages learning and critical thinking through hands-on service, community involvement and civic and social justice education.

Delta Gamma provides an additional portfolio of programs focused on risk prevention and harm reduction. Based on funding and chapter need, chapters can request these programs from their Regional Director:

  • Alcohol101+
  • Human Dignity Workshop
  • Mock Trial

More programs are being added in fall 2023.


Delta Gamma’s brand new eLearning platform, The Pursuit, will provide diverse opportunities for virtual education for members, including education and training opportunities for members to develop in their roles, personally and professionally.

Prior to Initiation, new members will engage in Xcelasone (excel-as-one): the interactive, virtual education program that empowers participants to make safer, healthier and more compassionate choices. This program supports the early development of new members while promoting the values of Delta Gamma.