When you stand up, 250,000 women stand with you.

We are excited you are interested in joining the unwavering bonds of sisterhood in Delta Gamma. Joining Delta Gamma is joining a lifetime of support, friendships, personal development and opportunities.

As a potential new member, you can join Delta Gamma through a few of the following processes as an undergraduate: 

  • Most universities host a primary recruitment process to assist potential new members with finding a Panhellenic sorority to join. This may be called primary, deferred, or formal recruitment on your campus. During this process, potential new members attend recruitment events for all campus Panhellenic sororities and participate in mutual selection to find the right fit for both the potential new member and chapter. To see when your campus hosts recruitment, contact your campus Panhellenic. If you need help finding contact information for your College Panhellenic, try your Student Activities (or your Fraternity and Sorority Life) office.

  • On most campuses, sororities are able to extend more invitations (bids) to members after their university’s primary recruitment period described above. We call this continuous open bidding (COB). Delta Gamma on your campus may or may not be able to extend bids if they are at or above the set capacity. To find out if Delta Gamma is extending bids, reach out to your campus Panhellenic or email  

  • If your campus doesn’t have a Delta Gamma chapter, but you are interested in bringing Delta Gamma’s values to your campus, email us at Extension is our process of bringing a new Delta Gamma chapter to a campus!

  • If you are beyond your collegiate years but are interested in pursuing membership with Delta Gamma, we invite you to learn more about our Alumna Initiate Program.

Delta Gamma members must maintain the high standards that have continued since our little club began in 1873. 

Our membership responsibilities exist to inspire a sense of true belonging, activate growth, advance opportunity, and to do the work of lasting progress. While each chapter of Delta Gamma may set their own membership responsibilities to mirror those efforts, these are Delta Gamma’s membership responsibilities.


  • Sign the Statement of Obligation (Your commitment to live by the high standards and ideals of our sisterhood)

  • Abide by the policies and procedures of Delta Gamma

  • Comply with all university rules and regulations and local, state, provincial, and federal laws 

  • Attend all “anchored” events. Examples of anchored events would be: Founders Day, Initiation, and other important events for the Delta Gamma chapter

  • Pay all dues and fees on time (See Investing in Sisterhood for more info)

  • Meet or exceed the minimum GPA expectations as set by the Fraternity Constitution 

Recommendations allow for Delta Gammas to learn more about your character and values. It’s Delta Gamma’s responsibility to secure a potential new member a recommendation as recommendations serve as a tool to assist members in getting to know the potential new member better. If you have any questions, please email


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Request a Recommendation


If you are a member of Delta Gamma wishing to submit a recommendation, access our online recommendation form from your member profile. You will be prompted to log in or create a log in if you do not currently have one set up. If you need your member number or any assistance logging in, please email

If you are not a member, we invite you to Make a Recommendation here. 

“I chose DG because I wanted to surround myself with group of strong women who supported one another.”