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The Delta Gamma sisterhood is a network of support that enables each woman to pursue her dreams and goals, while allowing her to give back.

Networking and Academic Support

With opportunities to network with women from more than 200 alumnae groups, a sister can easily mentor or be mentored. There are also many opportunities that continue throughout the alumnae life. The Delta Gamma experience does not end after college. Instead, our sisterhood broadens to give each Delta Gamma the chance to continue her involvement in her own unique way. 

In August 2021, Delta Gamma launched an all-new mentoring platform available to members. Anchored Connections is designed for members to connect with, seek mentorship from and build up other members of our Fraternity and receive support in all their personal and professional endeavors. Anchored Connections takes the best parts of Facebook and LinkedIn for a platform just for Delta Gammas!

Delta Gamma is a lifetime commitment with a lifetime of benefits. Anchored Connections is the newest and most creative benefit where sisters make connections, learn from and alongside one another, share resources, find mentors/mentees and launch or advance their careers.

Melissa Thompson, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State

When nowhere else feels like home, Delta Gamma does.

Having a space to call our own helps Delta Gammas find belonging and form lasting bonds. On some campuses, this home is a chapter house, wing of a residence hall, or reserved meeting space. Regardless of whether it is a house, suite or lodge, being together with sisters in a shared space provides the comfort of a campus family for each Delta Gamma. 


Delta Gamma is committed to providing valuable and relevant leadership training to our members.

Along with the many avenues for leadership development and growth within each collegiate chapter, Delta Gamma offers the following opportunities for members to gather in person to learn with, and from, sisters from across North America. 

Leadership and training programs are available both to support collegiate chapter officers in learning how to complete their officer responsibilities effectively, and also for members to grow and develop personally and professionally.   

Every odd-numbered year, four members from each collegiate chapter take part in this leadership event focused on personal and professional development and leadership skills. 

Throughout this training chapter members engage in discussions surrounding topics such as diversity, equity & inclusion, mental health, and the power of women supporting women.

Held during Convention in even-numbered years, delegates from each chapter attend sessions related to encouraging chapter development, advocating for social justice, incorporating strengths into chapter leadership and new Delta Gamma programs and initiatives.

Held every summer, this Delta Gamma seminar hosts 240 leaders from every collegiate chapter who are rising juniors.

This service learning experience offers Delta Gammas an opportunity that encourages learning and critical thinking through hands-on service, community involvement, civic engagement and social justice education directly related to Service for Sight. Hope Serving trips are offered both in the U.S. and internationally each year.

Beginning Fall 2022, we are excited to provide new program offerings focused on the well-being of members.

Every four years, members participate in a series of rotational program offerings: the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), You Can Help A Sister (Mental Health), and Redefine the Path (DEI). These programs are conducted by trained facilitators and are funded by the Delta Gamma Foundation. Members will also have the opportunity to participate in programs such as the Human Dignity Workshop and Mock Trial.  

Additionally, several programs focused on mental health and wellness are available in our collegiate education program, DG Dialogues, including “Behind Happy Faces: Understanding Mental Health,” “Behind Happy Faces: Talk to a Sister” and “Safe Medication Practices for Life.”   

We are continuing to improve our mental health educational offerings to members like our Mental Health Resource Guide and a guide to support a sister who may have experienced racial harm, as well as with organizations such as the JED Foundation.  

Prior to initiation new members will engage in Xcelasone; the interactive education program that empowers participants to make safer, healthier, and more compassionate choices. This program supports early development of new members while promoting the values of the Fraternity.  

Additionally, the Courage Award recognizes members, new members, and higher education professionals who find the courage to step up and protect the dignity of others.